Saturday, September 29, 2007

UT Portfolio as of 29 September 07

It has been another wonderful week in the financial markets; except for the current turmoil in Myanmar. The Asian market experience very positive growth with Chinese funds speedy upwards.

There was a surprise candidate in the top 5 performer (1 month)in the local UT scene; DWS Noor Metals fund - grew more than 20% in a month. However, if you have been tracking the commodities index, hard commodities has been performing exceptionally well the past weeks. You may also realise that most investment banks have been busy launching FX or commodities related notes to the retail market. Get the hint? :)

Here's my scorecard for this week:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Increasing Web Traffic

It was highlighted to me why some internet marketing concepts don't: Insufficient Traffic! I chanced upon a tool which could help you accelerate your web traffic;

Here's a summary on why web traffic is insufficient on your site:

Cases where there are some traffic, like my site. ;P

Webpages that generate great interests:

The key here is to create web contents (not only web titles) which allow web engines to search easily and point those search results to your site. Have fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

UT Portfolio as of 22 September 07

This week has been nerve-wrecking. After the FED lowered rates to 4.75%, signs of life erupted from the most conservative investors. Dow closed more than 300pts that day, with HSI closing close to 1000pts the following morning. With such positive gains, i expected the Chinese Index moving in the opposite direction (downtrending) - due to the "US decoupling effect". Nah...... the downtrend was not apparent enough to shack off the "chinese punters". The chinese are just too strong and cohesive and thanks to that, my portfolio has been moving upwards.

Was chatting with my colleague yesterday on the possible markets to invest in. We identified Thailand as a possibility; election or not, the market is still cheap and investible. With eyes on various environmental issues, i suspect an uptrend in environmental related funds. However, caution must be taken to pick funds with specific investment focuses you are familiar with. With natural resources drying up, food & agribusiness related investments will also create opportunities for many of us. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

FAQs in Personal Wealth

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my humble site. I am in the midst of compiling a set of FAQs on Personal Wealth management. I seek your help to provide me with your teething financial concerns so i can make this compilation more comprehensive.

As my forte is in personal wealth management, topics discussed would consist of consumer loans, deposits, insurance and investment. Pls feel free to leave me a message on my textbox or email me at with your queries.

Thanks in advance for helping make this project successful.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Virtual Portfolio #3

The UT Virtual Challenge has been postponed to start from 1st October till 31st December 07. I will be updating all the portfolios on this blog once they are ready. Have a wondeful weekend!

UT Portfolio as of 14 September 07

Seriously, i am quite worried about the financial markets. With FOMC meeting just around the corner, the stress levels is extremely high. Although market sentiments have forecast a possible rate cut of 0.25% or more, one can never be sure how the investors would react to this news.

Again, i find myself in a situation not knowing what i should be doing with the current portfolio. It is therefore extremely important to have a investment strategy in place; a strategy which will have to take place no matter what happens during distress situations.

My strategy is to hold and do nothing, i.e. bite the bullet and ride through the unknown. Should anything goes wrong to the portfolio, a cut-loss measure (when there is a 20% drop in unrealised profit) will be activated. After factoring the time delay, i would at least have locked-in 75% of my profit (less painful).

By the way, cutting loss does not mean to get out totally, but to re-invest in other funds. The important thing here is to stay invested so as not to lose out in opportunity costs. If the market goes my way, i will re-strategise to shift more funds into china to ride the uptrend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

I have been busy evaluating the effectiveness of affiliate marketing and the kind of OBSCENE revenue generated. With many claims of 6-digit income on a monthly basis, I started to venture into this as well.

With little to loose, i started on a few programs myself. Though the income is very minimal at the moment (have not hit the required minimum paycheck value), I find it amazing how the "amount of $$$ interest" is created with little effort.

Now, don't just trust what i say, try it yourself to see how it turns out. :) Here are some of the programs i tried:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New PowerFX Course - Worth the time & Money

Wow, finally something that is really useful for those who trade FX. I was blown away by the content of this course. Try it by clicking the link or image below!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

UT Portfolio as of 07 September 07

I was very suprised by the performance of DWS China Eqty, it has single-handedly turned my portfolio alive. With great faith that it will continue to do quite well towards the end of the year (my target price is $3.50), I will be keeping it in the portfolio and maybe switch some of my AIG Acorns later in the month.

Virtual Portfolio 3

It's time again for the Virtual Portfolio # 3.

This time i have sent out invitations to some of my frenz in my bank to join the fun. The challenge period will be for 3 months, from 15th September till 14th December 07.


1. Participants will need to select funds available on Fundsupermart platform only (easy tracking)

2. Participants can have up to 5 different funds in their portfolio (min. 3 funds)

3. Participants will not be allowed to switch funds during the challenge period

4. Participants are required to pay a joining fee of $10 for this challenge (to pool the prize money for the eventual winner!)

5. Participants must stay employed with the bank throughout the challenge period; else the joining fee will be forfeited.

Stay tuned for the updates, i will upload the participants' portfolio once the challenge begins! :)

Updates on the Virtual Portfolio #2

As at 31st August 07 - (Armagedon)

33.33% DWS China Equity Fund - SGD 2.412 -> SGD 3.0504
33.33% DWS Asian Small Cap Fund - SGD 1.547 -> SGD 1.4978
33.33% Lion Cap Sing/Malaysia Fund - SGD 2.733 -> SGD 2.580

Net Growth = (26.47 - 3.18 - 0.56) / 3 = 7.58 %

40.00% Fidelity China Focused Fund - SGD 1.136 -> SGD 1.424
40.00% Schroders ISF Emerging Markets Opportunity Fund - SGD 11.71 -> SGD 11.87
20.00% Henderson Asian Dividend Income Fund (USD) - USD 13.48 -> USD 13.78

Net Growth = 10.14 + 0.55 + 0.45 = 11.14 % (not inclusive of recent USD appreciation of 0.62% over the past 3 months)

I won the bet yet again by a convincing 356 basis pts. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Make $$ Online

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