Sunday, December 30, 2007

UT Portfolio as at 30 December 2007

Been busy working on a structuring a new incentive scheme for the associates in my company; I practically had no time monitoring the market. However, my portfolio has not been doing too badly. This goes to show that proper asset allocation of your investment portfolio is very important. :)

Two more days to the end of the year, here's wishing all investors and friends a great year of wealth abundance in the year of rat!

Monday, December 24, 2007

UT Portfolio as at 22 December 2007

Lousy week again..... as you would see from my portfolio above. With a rather positive short rally towards the end of the week from most markets, i wish all who have invested in unit trusts to have a great week towards the end of 2007 and start the New Year with Blasting Fireworks Rally!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

UT Portfolio as at 16 December 2007

I am a little lost for words..... with the disappointing FED's cut of 0.25% instead of the much anticipated 0.50% cut, the global market went into another week of drama..... I wonder how much Santa can help the market this Christmas..... sigh.....

My portfolio has concluded its 2nd year anniversary on the 14th December 2007. Though it retracted from my absolute dollar target of $20k profit, it managed to stay with my expected return of 15-20%p.a.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

UT Portfolio as at 08 December 2007

I am one week old in my new role as a Biz Dev Mgr with Advantage Group P/L. Advantage Group P/L is the holding company to five other subsidiary companies dealing in Mortgage Brokerage, International Trades, Financial Advisory, Events Management and Legal Services. I was recruited to run special projects and to help set up the Financial Advisory (a.k.a. FA) business for the Group.

Once the FA business commences, the group will be able to provide a one-stop platform to cater for Wealth Planning services which include:

1. Investment Planning
2. Risk Management & Insurance Planning
3. Retirement Planning
4. Estate & Tax Planning
5. Will & Trust Planning

Enough of my self marketing.... :D

This week, the market grew strongly from mid-week and ending rather flat on friday. The only exception was HSI closing the week at -716pts. The Chinese market remained cautious as its monetary policy tightens due to suspected overheating of the economy (though this was nothing new; there had been news about overheating since many moons ago).

With investors speculating FED to cuts its rates by at least 50 basis pts, the global markets soared to recover its losses from its previous weeks. There will most likely be some profit-taking activity prior to FED's announement on the FED rates cutting. This notion is supported by the fact that US dollar is still weakening by the day and that sub-prime chapter still remains inconclusive.

For new investors, i would recommend you to be cautious in your purchases. Though it looks as if a Santa's Rally is coming, Santa will only drop "gifts" on his list of "nice persons" who invest correctly. :D

Here's my scorecard for the week:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Virtual Portfolio Challenge #3 as at 29 November 2007

Just wanted to update those who are in the challenge their portfolio results as at 29th November 2007. :D This challenge has been going on for the past two months since 1st October 2007.

Peter Chiu leads the pack with -0.44% loss while Yilin trails with -7.50% loss (based on absolute returns). The average absolute return among the participants after 2 months stands at -3.61% loss.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

UT Portfolio as at 01 December 2007

How time flies... its December already.... My Baby Andrea turned 4 months old recently. Today happens to be my 1st day at work. Luckily, its a Saturday, thus no work! ahahahaha...

As you may not be aware, i have quitted my job as a banker and started a new career as a Mortgage Broker. I will be representing Advantage Group as their Business Development Manager, managing bank tie-up. Should any of you need valuation on your property or property financing, i can help arrange for such services.

At the same time, i will be assisting in the setting up of an IFA to provide Investment Planning, Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning & Estate Planning services to the mass affluent. If you have needs to review your investment portfolio, I can do it for you FREE OF CHARGE. :D

Now, enough of my crap..... let's see how my investments faired this week when major markets are in the black: