Monday, October 29, 2007

UT Portfolio as at 29 October 2007

My dream of hitting $20K profit this week was dashed by the volatility in the global markets. With the Chinese market showing weakness mid-week, i decided to take profit and switched half my DWS China Eqty into DBS Enhance Income. I will be monitoring closely to re-enter the equity market in full force.

At the same time, i have fallen for Fidelity EMEA fund. :) With its excellent performance for the past months, this is another equity to look out for those who are keen to invest in the emerging markets. Though i have not personally invested in it (not enough cash), i rebalanced my wife's portfolio which included this fund. The fund performance has been pleasing especially when the global markets went into a week of profit taking.

Here's my scorecard for the week:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

UT Portfolio as at 19 October 2007

Interesting to note that my portfolio did not increase as much as i expected, in fact it closed only slightly higher this week (failing to close above $20k profit). With US market dropping more than 300pts last friday, there may be a bloodshed in Asia this coming week.

The drop in US index was due to the Wave 2 of the Subprime crisis. When most of the banks showed their report cards this week, it was inevitable to note how badly hit were these banks due to billion dollars worth of write-off. The other reasons may be that investors are pressuring Big Ben to cut rates the second time during October FED meeting.

Noting the decoupling effect between US & Asia, I truly hope the Asian market hold up to expectations and climb new heights next week.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

UT Portfolio as of 13 October 07

I can only say that i am very happy with my results. :) I will be hitting $20K profit for my portfolio this coming week (if nothing goes wrong). Once there, i will be rebalancing my portfolio by reducing my China's exposure; this is to secure a 25%p.a. return on my investments.

This week, i helped my wife to rebalance her portfolio yet again. Her portfolio only had DWS China Eqty right after the correction. This is a highly aggressive portfolio as it totally violates my investment philosophy; but i had little no choice - this is a tactical allocation as my wife's portfolio was net loss of $8K. To date, her portfolio is in the black with a pleasing $14K profit (net investment was less than $100K).

Here's the result for this week:

Sunday, October 7, 2007

UT Portfolio as of 07 October 07

This week has been nerve wrecking for some where you witness HSI rallied more than 1000pts on one day and went down more than 1200pts on the next two days and then rallied upwards yet again by 857pts to close off the week.

The funny think is, Shanghai & Shenzhen index did not have anything to do with it due to its national holidays. I guess the money must have flowed to HK exchange to cuase the rally. And becos of the inactive chinese exchange, many mutual funds investing in china reflected little or no movement.

I suspect next week will be a hot week for chinese stocks and i am prepared for this rally; i increased my stake through HGIF Chinese Eqty. You will not see this in my current porfolio as i have invested through another portal. The reason to have another portal is to make sure i spread my eggs in many baskets. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

UT Virtual Challenge - Expanded Version!

Hahahha.. finally...... we have 18 contestants to compete in this challenge instead of the normal 2 (chin & me). The challenge will start from 1st October 07 - 31st December 07. I will be uploading the 18 portfolios shortly.

Here's a teaser: I did a back-test on the portfolios and found that the worst performing portfolio produced more than 6% in 3 months (especially when early July was the global correction). This portfolio had 30% in cash fund. Now for the juicy part; the best portfolio resulted in more than 28% return in the same period.

Moral of the story: As long as you are willing to find out, there will be one suitable investment portfolio for you (based on your risk appetite & required returns).

Disclaimer: Unless you are an Accredited Investor, it is still wise to have a fully qualified financial advisor to assist you in your wealth planning. Should you need professional help, please forward your contact details to